Use your power for good

Powering good is all about making someone's day a little brighter. It's answering a call for help. It's adding your voice to a cause. It's whatever you make it, as long as it puts a smile on someone's face. Including yours.

kriticalmass is here to help you support the causes, people and projects you care about. You can show your support by offering funds or advice, volunteering your time and expertise, or just by helping to spread the word.

By joining like-minded people in supporting a great project or cause, you'll have helped turn an exciting idea into reality. You'll also get unique rewards in return.

But best of all, doesn't it always feel amazing to be part of powering something good?

kriticalmass lets you connect with great ideas, causes and projects and offer support with whatever you are willing to give – your time, money or even just a shout out on your social media network. It all helps power good!

Somebody has a great idea but needs support to make it happen
They showcase the idea on kriticalmass and set some goals and rewards
You, other people, and even organisations, love the project
You pledge your support through funds, time, or just by helping to spread the word through social media
The project reaches kriticalmass, gets your funding and other support, and you receive your rewards in return. Everybody wins!

Even more good stuff

Once you've decided to support a project, one of the most important things you can do spread the word to help it reach kriticalmass. You can do this any way you choose, and kriticalmass has easy tools to let you use social media and email to share your favourite projects.

You can also use our system to get in touch with the Project Creator to find out more about the project, or even suggest a way you could help that's not been listed. If you've got your own company, or represent an organisation or group that wants to get involved, take a look at our Sponsors page too.

If your chosen project doesn't reach kriticalmass in time, any funds you have provided will be refunded and you won't get the rewards*. The Project Creator won't get the support promised, but they won’t be charged fees either. (*Non-profit projects are the exception to this rule: whether they reach their goal or not, they’ll still get all the support that’s been pledged for their cause).

Of course, we hope all the great causes, projects and ideas will reach kriticalmass in record time, but they can only do that with supporters like you.

Amazingly simple, isn't it? Why not start powering good right now?


Let's power some good

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