Good stories involve everyone, and that's how you, your staff and your community can benefit from being part of kriticalmass. Pick a project that’s meaningful to you, put your full resources and expertise behind it, then share the story with the world.

kriticalmass is the only crowd-support community that's here to help businesses, charities and other organisations join in the excitement of supporting and developing unique new projects and ideas. We make it easy for you to play an important part in powering good.

Few people have 30 seconds to be interrupted by a marketing message. But they always have 3 minutes to empathise with a great human story. By becoming a part of these stories, you can show the human side and personality of your brand, and demonstrate that you and your staff care about great causes and ideas.

With kriticalmass you can select those projects that reflect what your brand is all about, reach new customers and profit from the great viral potential of incredible stories, ideas and people. You gain access to highly active, passionate and engaged crowds, and supporting a cause that they care about will create incredible loyalty and advocacy for your brand.

kriticalmass lets you connect with great ideas, causes and projects and offer support with whatever you are willing to give – your time, money or even just a shout out on your social media network. It all helps power good!

People often have great ideas, but lack the funds, exposure, advice or support they really need to succeed.
They showcase their ideas on kriticalmass and set goals and rewards
You select a project, cause or category that really reflects your brand and what your employees and customers are passionate about
You sponsor the project with funds, in-kind donations, important advice or just by helping to spread the word by sharing their story on your brand’s social media
Your chosen project reaches kriticalmass with your sponsorship, and your brand becomes associated with innovative ideas and incredible people

Even more good stuff

Once you've decided to support a project, one of the most important things you can do spread the word to help it reach kriticalmass. You can do this any way you choose, and kriticalmass has easy tools to let you use social media and email to share your favourite projects.

You can also use our system to get in touch with the Project Creator to find out more about the project, or even suggest a way you could help that’s not been listed. If you've got your own company, or represent an organisation or group that wants to get involved, take a look at our Sponsors page too.

If your chosen project doesn't reach kriticalmass in time, any funds you have provided will be refunded and you won't get the rewards*. The Project Creator won’t get the support promised, but they won’t be charged fees either. (*Non-profit projects are the exception to this rule: whether they reach their goal or not, they'll still get all the support that’s been pledged for their cause).

Of course, we hope all the great causes, projects and ideas will reach kriticalmass in record time, but they can only do that with supporters like you.

Amazingly simple, isn't it? Why not start powering good right now?


Let's power some good

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