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Good ideas are scary. That's what makes them good. And that's why it can be tough to get the support you need. But once you've decided to take the next step… good things happen through the power of the crowd.

kriticalmass is here to help you get support for your big idea, cause or project. We connect people like you with other like-minded people and organisations who will be committed to turning your unique idea into a success.

We realise that you need more than money to realise your dreams. Support can come in the form of funding, in-kind sponsorship, volunteer time, advice, or simply helping to spread the word. And this support can come from individuals or organisations looking to power good.

That's why kriticalmass makes it easy for you to set targets for specific kinds of support – anything from searching for extras for a film you're shooting, to finding expertise that can add extra custom features to your new app. The more support your Supporters and Sponsors gives, the better the rewards you provide in return.

kriticalmass lets you showcase your great ideas, causes and projects and ask for all the help you need, not just funds. It's not only individuals you'll be asking either – you can interact with organisations to give your project a huge support boost!

You start with your idea, and set the support goals you need to make it a reality, as well as the range of rewards you'd like to give.
kriticalmass helps you showcase your story and motivate people (Supporters) and organisations (Sponsors) to help you on our website
Your Supporters and Sponsors love the project and soon you have a devoted following
The more support you receive, the more your Supporters and Sponsors help you spread the word and reach your goals
Your project reaches kriticalmass, you receive the promised support, and your great idea comes to life.

Even more good stuff

No win, no fee is our mantra when it comes to setting up a project on kriticalmass. To make everything as risk-free as possible for you, every project is free until it achieves its targets. And you'll only ever pay us a commission when you get to kriticalmass* and reach your goals. (*Nonprofit projects are the exception to this rule: whether they reach their goal or not, they'll still get all the support that’s been pledged for their cause).

Even then, the fee is only 5% (plus any payment processing fees) to help make sure we can keep on powering good by covering our own running costs, and improving the service that this website provides. But there are no additional or hidden costs, and if your project doesn't reach kriticalmass, we don't take any fees.

Here at kriticalmass, we know there's no better way of powering great ideas than getting the support of committed Supporters and Sponsors. We're the first platform that combines crowdfunding with crowd-sourcing, making sure that you can get all funds, exposure, advice, volunteers, reach and credibility you need to succeed, but still letting you stay in control of who will be part of your story.

What's the worst that can happen? Even if you don't reach your goal, it's an opportunity to think about what went wrong, get some feedback from the crowd, and try again with a stronger idea or showcase.

Thanks to kriticalmass, there's no good reason not to launch a project and start powering some good right now.

Let's power some good

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