What is kriticalmass?

kriticalmass is the crowd-support community that brings great ideas to life all over the world.


Our mission is simple: we power good.


It all starts with a great idea that needs support to help it become a reality

Project Creators showcase their ideas on the kriticalmass website, telling their story, setting their support goals and offering great rewards

Individuals (Supporters) and organisations (Sponsors) love the idea, and rally in support of the project

This support can be any resource, expertise or skill Supporters and Sponsors have to offer, from funding to volunteering and promotion

The project reaches kriticalmass, support and rewards are exchanged, and that great idea comes to life

Powering good is all about making someone’s day a little brighter. It’s answering a call for help. It’s adding your voice to a cause. It’s whatever you make it, as long as it puts a smile on someone’s face. Including yours.


We do this by putting people and organisations, and their resources and expertise, in touch with the causes, projects and products they’re passionate about.

kriticalmass is the web-based meeting place for crowd-support projects that want to make the world a better place… whether that’s easier, safer, fairer, healthier or just a little more fun. We want to power good for everyone.

That’s why we’ve created a different kind of crowd-funding and crowd-sourcing platform. kriticalmass goes beyond funding and uses the passion, intelligence and resources of the crowd and organisations to make sure great ideas get the support they need to succeed.

We believe in the positive impact that entrepreneurship and creativity have on the lives we live. We believe in the power of the crowd to determine which ideas are great, and which products can have a positive impact on the way we feel, think and work.

We believe that the time has come for an alternative way of enabling great ideas to become reality. We believe that starting a business or running a charity project is about much more than just funds - it’s about support, reach, inspiration, expertise and commitment.

Unlike conventional crowd-funding platforms, we realise that turning even the greatest idea into reality can be a daunting task. That’s why we’re here to help entrepreneurs, innovators and visionaries get the perfect mix of financing, in-kind sponsorship, support, advice, and exposure to make their projects a success, by connecting them with networks of committed Supporters and Sponsors

Even Supporters with a small wallet can make a difference by making in-kind contributions or volunteering their time and expertise to power good.

Even more good stuff


We offer a secure payment system and a transparent commission structure without any hidden fees or extra costs.  Projects set up and non-monetary support, such as volunteering or in-kind donations, are free for all projects on kriticalmass. We do take a 5% commission, plus any payment processing fees, on funds raised. We use these fees to develop and improve our features to help even more projects to reach kriticalmass.  



Non-Charity Projects

Verified Charity Projects

km (target) reached


NOTE: Receive all the funds raised, even if target is not reached

km (target) not reached

NOTE: All funding is returned to Supporters (3rd Party Transaction Fees not refunded)

3rd Party Fees

Payment processing (PayPal) fees apply to payments made by Supporters and Sponsors (3.4% + transaction fee of 20p/30cents).
Transfer and exchange rate fees may apply to Project Creators when payment is made from kriticalmass.

kriticalmass is not an investment platform that offers equity in a company in return: instead, our project Creators offer rewards for different types of support. Rewards can be anything from a branded t-shirt in exchange for a £20 contribution, or a movie credit for expert legal advice, or dinner with a supermodel spokesperson in return for a £10,000 sponsorship.
Support, funding and rewards are only exchanged if the goal the Creator has set is reached within a defined timeframe, for example £5,000 within 45 days. Charity projects are the exception to this rule: whether they reach their goal or not, they’ll still get all the support that’s been pledged for their cause.
We realise the important role that corporations, employers, NGOs and organisations can play in supporting and sponsoring entrepreneurs, start-ups and charities. kriticalmass was designed in a way that invites organisations and companies to sponsor projects or causes they care about.
We listen to the community we’re building, and work hard to ensure that Project Creators, Supporters and Sponsors have their voices heard and can reach their goals. We love this stuff. We’re lucky to go to work every morning committed to powering great ideas, developing a strong community and making a positive impact on the society and world we live in.


Let's power some good


Any Questions?

Contact us on info@kriticalmass.com or check out our FAQs.