1 kriticalmass and What It Can Do for You

a What is kriticalmass?

kriticalmass is a crowd-support platform that turns great ideas into reality. We power good by connecting entrepreneurs, innovators and creators who are looking for support for their venture with a large network of passionate and committed supporters and organisations.

kriticalmass is a new type of platform that combines crowdfunding and crowdsourcing tools. We not only help Project Creators to raise funds and gain exposure through the crowd but we allow them to engage with the community to get the support they need, ranging from volunteer time to in-kind sponsorship or advice and feedback from the crowd.

As part of the kriticalmass community, you can discover great new projects and help bring them to fruition through your funding, promotion, time and involvement. Besides unique and exclusive rewards for Supporters and Sponsors, there's always that warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing that you had a positive impact by helping to turn a great and meaningful idea into reality.

We focus on the true power of the crowd, and not just the power of their wallets, to build a supportive community that ensures any great venture gets everything it needs to succeed.

Find out more here.

b How does kriticalmass work?

kriticalmass allows users to post and share their creative, entrepreneurial or charitable projects in minutes. The Project Creator has complete control and responsibility over their project and can choose to keep it private (sharing only with friends) or make it public to seek support from individuals (Supporters) and organisations (Sponsors).

kriticalmass provides the platform that allows projects to be created, tracked and updated, as well as providing Supporters and Sponsors with a means to browse these projects and contribute in a number of ways. With seamless integration to Facebook and Twitter, kriticalmass helps both Creators and Supporters to promote and share projects with their communities.

kriticalmass offers the opportunity for organisations, businesses, employers or communities, collectively known as Sponsors, to support events by sponsoring a project, matching funding, and offering advice or infrastructure. This allows Sponsors to get exposure, engage with the crowd and most importantly support projects, ideas and causes that are meaningful to their employees, customers and partners.

All kriticalmass projects have goals and deadlines. Once live, these goals have to be achieved by the deadline for the project to reach kriticalmass and any funding to be collected. Except in the case of charitable projects, funding on kriticalmass is all-or-nothing.

kriticalmass is not an investment platform that offers equity in a company in return for funding. We simply allow Project Creators to offer rewards for different types of support. Rewards offered can be anything from a branded t-shirt in exchange for $20 funding, a movie credit for legal advice or a dinner with Gisele Bündchen in return for a £10,000 sponsorship.

cWhat makes kriticalmass unique?

It's about more than just money.

Unlike traditional crowdfunding platforms, we realise that turning an idea into reality is about much more than just funds. kriticalmass is the first crowdfunding platform to look beyond financial support to the true power of the crowd. While some projects solely need funding to make them successful, there are many that need much more. kriticalmass allows projects to mobilise and utilise all the skill and support Supporters and Sponsors can offer, from funding to volunteering, promotion and simple social networking virality.

Making it easy to spread the news.

kriticalmass has a closer integration to social media than most of our competitors, making it easier to share and promote projects, and more likely for this promotion to go viral. By reducing the friction found on other platforms, and providing helpful analytics for where a project is finding support, kriticalmass connects projects to the crowd.

Letting businesses, brands and organisations join in too.

We realise the important role that corporations, employers, NGOs and organisations play in supporting and sponsoring start-ups, innovations and causes. kriticalmass acts as a meeting point for great ideas from individuals and small businesses, and the power and influence of successful companies, organisations and brands (Sponsors). We aim to promote advantageous partnerships and collaborations that benefit Project Creators, Supporters and Sponsors. As such, kriticalmass was designed to let brands and organisations join the fun.

d So why kriticalmass?

Create your project – our easy-to-use platform allows Project Creators to create and control creative, entrepreneurial and charitable projects. kriticalmass also provides tips and support to make your project successful. All at no cost until you achieve your goals.

Join the community – kriticalmass brings together like-minded people in a crowd-support community with dedicated goals. With many innovative projects to choose from, all with a range of goals, kriticalmass lets you support, collaborate and power good the way you want to.

Harness the true power of the crowd – Not only does kriticalmass help projects raise funds, but it helps you spread the word about your project through its close integration with social networks. kriticalmass also helps projects find volunteers, advice and resources that could be the difference between project success and failure. Even if it's only funding you’re after, the 'Contact Creator' button and comments let Supporters provide suggestions, opinions and their expertise.

Attract corporate sponsorship – Businesses and organisations are interested in giving something back, and are looking for brilliant, exciting and socially-responsible projects to engage with. Sponsors bring funding, expertise, resources and their own communities to the project, so they are not just associated with your success, but actively participate towards it.

e Do sponsors receive equity in the projects they fund?

No. Equity cannot be given as a reward for a project. The relatively young history of equity crowdfunding has demonstrated that it can lead to massive administrative and legal headaches, especially in regards to additional rounds of financing or potential exits.

We believe that it is better for a Project Creator to raise money in exchange for rewards rather than equity. Supporters who want your rewards are customers already. If you were to give equity you would have to complete your project and then find your customers knowing that you have already parted with a substantial amount of your company. Now why would you want to do that?

2 General Use: Questions from the Crowd

a Why do I need a Facebook account to use kriticalmass?

You don't always need a Facebook account to use kriticalmass - we allow goodwill funding payments to be made via PayPal whether you are signed in to Facebook or not. But to support a project in any other way, including claiming one of the rewards on offer, or to create one, you do need a Facebook login.

Using your Facebook account allows Project Creators and Supporters to trust and interact with each other and provides security to the kriticalmass community. We realise that Facebook is not the only social network, and not the preference of many, but it provides a good means of detecting fake campaigns and protecting our users.

b Can I use anything besides Facebook to start a campaign?

Not at present, but we are constantly reviewing our features to align them to user needs. Please feel free to contact us via the website or info@kriticalmass.com if you have any requests and we will respond.

c Will kriticalmass SPAM me?

We know, it's a leading question but the answer is a firm NO. kriticalmass provides an unsubscribe option to its email messages or you can opt out by contacting us directly via the website or info@kriticalmass.com.

d How can I find interesting projects to back?

kriticalmass offers a number of different ways to find interesting projects, both on and away from our website. Of course, you can browse categories and search for specific terms or by location to find projects that interest you, but kriticalmass also allows you to see what Supporters and Sponsors in the community are supporting. Click on a friend's profile to see the projects they've been involved with recently or visit your favourite brand’s landing page to see what they are involved with. Or simply investigate some of the suggestions on our homepage.

Outside the platform, kriticalmass will be blogging about exciting new projects, and our newsletter will provide weekly information about what's going on on the platform. And there's always Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and any number of blogs and news websites that will give you ideas of what is currently in need of your support.

3 General Use: Questions from Sponsors

a Who is considered a Sponsor?

By "Sponsor" we mean any organisation, corporation, society, group, NGO or business that is interested in supporting worthwhile and exciting causes, ideas and ventures through sponsorship or support. We deal with CEOs, Brand Directors, CSR teams, Internal Coms, Marketers, HR, Project Managers, Campaigners… you get the idea.

bHow do I sign up as a brand or company to use kriticalmass?

kriticalmass allows businesses and brands to create an account directly on the kriticalmass website. Certain information is mandatory to make sure you are representing the brand or company you profess to, including email verification to activate the account. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at sponsors@kriticalmass.com or via telephone on +44 20 3286 2770 (9am – 6pm GMT).

c Why can't I sign up via Facebook, like individual users?

Currently Facebook pages – the most commonly used Facebook entities for brands and businesses – cannot be used to sign in to websites in the same way as Facebook user accounts.

Sponsors can still link their Facebook page to their kriticalmass account (for kriticalmass users to engage with), and will be able to make posts and updates to their page from the kriticalmass website when supporting or sharing a project.

d Why do Sponsors have a different account process?

Well, firstly, because of the limitation placed on Facebook pages when compared to Facebook user accounts. And secondly, because Sponsor accounts have additional functionality allowing for external links to be added to their account page, and logos and images to be uploaded for use by Project Creators and Supporters to promote Sponsor involvement with their projects.

Finally, we want to make sure that our corporate users have the functionality they need to interact with projects on a larger scale, and to get involved with as many as possible.

e I have a user account, but kriticalmass won't let me sign up for a Sponsor account – why?

Are you trying to sign up for a Sponsor account with the same email you use for Facebook/your personal kriticalmass account? If yes, then you will need to change either your sign up or your personal account to a different email address. The email address for each account must be unique across our system.

If that's not the issue, please get in contact with us via the website or on sponsors@kriticalmass.com.

fCan I start a project with a Sponsor account?

Yes. Your company name and logo will be displayed as the Project Creator.

4 Guidelines & Regulation

a Can kriticalmass be used for any project?

kriticalmass can be used for any kind of project as long as it complies with our Project Guidelines and Terms & Conditions. All projects need to have a clear goal and an end date.

kriticalmass uses the donations- and reward-based models of crowdfunding, and in general, there are two clear types of project:

For profit: All-or-nothing funding. If the project reaches the tipping point goal its Creator has set by the deadline chosen, the project will be considered successful and the funds transferred to the Project Creator's specified PayPal account within 15 working days. If the project fails to reach kriticalmass, then all charges will be refunded within 7 working days after the end of the project deadline.

Charity projects: These projects do not need to reach the kriticalmass tipping point goal before the funds can be transferred. At kriticalmass we believe that any money going to a charitable cause makes a difference.  Funds will be transferred within 15 working days after the project deadline has been reached, regardless of whether the project targets have been met or not.

b Can I run a project as a non-profit?

kriticalmass can be used for any kind of project as long as it complies with our Project Guidelines and Terms & Conditions. Charity projects are treated differently to other projects with regards to fees and donation collection (please see the Project Completion section)

UK registered charities and their fundraisers are also able to collect the data needed for Gift Aid on kriticalmass. Project Creators need to provide the charity name and registered charity number when creating the project, and to specify which, if any, rewards are eligible for Gift Aid from Supporters. Goodwill funding is automatically eligible for UK charities. kriticalmass will check all charity projects during the approval process. We will aggregate Gift Aid data and provide it directly to the charity for processing at the end of the project.

c Who is eligible to start a kriticalmass project?

Please take a look at our Terms & Conditions and verify if you can start a project on kriticalmass

d Does kriticalmass screen projects before they launch?

Our team of moderators review each project to ensure all comply with our Project Guidelines and Terms & Conditions.

We are not obliged to make any checks on the Project Creator, although use of the Site must be in accordance with our Acceptable Use Policy. Access to the platform is currently only available to individuals via a Facebook account, and we believe that this will expose the majority of untrustworthy projects and provide a high level of accountability for Project Creators.

All Sponsor accounts are checked to ensure that they are compliant with our Acceptable Use Policy. and Terms & Conditions., and any found not to be will be suspended.

Charity association will also be checked and any instances of fraud reported to a policing authority.

Also included on every project is a “report this project” button, to be used to alert moderators if a project is offensive or possibly fraudulent.

kriticalmass works via benevolence and mutual trust – ultimately, it is the community that decides how successful a project will be.

e Can a project be suspended?

kriticalmass reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to suspend or cancel any project should we reasonably believe that is the correct course of action. This action will normally, but not exclusively, be limited to projects that breach our terms, policies, legislation or regulation.

f What happens when a project is suspended?

Upon suspension, the project in question will immediately be closed to further donation, promotion and interaction by kriticalmass users.

Subject to a review period with the Project Creator, should the suspension of the project be final, all charges will be refunded and the Project Creator will be blacklisted (this action is subject to the company’s discretion on a case-by-case basis).

All Supporters and Sponsors of the suspended project will be notified by email that the project was suspended and to check the successful refunding of any money donated. Suitable means of contact will be provided should any further information or assistance be required.

g In which countries can kriticalmass be used?

While we encourage everyone to take part in the projects listed on the kriticalmass platform, it is up to you to ensure that you are allowed to do so with regard to local laws and regulations.

Specific projects and their rewards may not be available to your country, and we stress that users should check this before making payments.

We also refer you to our terms and conditions for further information with regards to the use of kriticalmass.

5 Trust & Accountability

a Is the Project Creator responsible for seeing the project to its fulfilment?

Yes, the Project Creator is the only person responsible for living up to the expectations set out in the project description. kriticalmass does not guarantee the completion of the project. Project Supporters will decide which projects are trustworthy and have adequate means to report projects to kriticalmass moderators.

It is essential that Project Creators are transparent and build the trust of the kriticalmass community. This is why we suggest all Project Creators include a website, LinkedIn profile or other details on your background, in addition to the Facebook profile used to start the project.

b Is the Project Creator legally obliged to fulfil the project?

While kritcalmass recognises that there may be situations which cause a project to end, Project Creators are encouraged to use their best efforts to complete their project. kritcalmass takes no responsibility and specifically excludes all representations and warranties in relation to projects posted on the website.

c Can kriticalmass refund the money if a project is unable to fulfil?

kriticalmass does not issue refunds as transactions after the transference of funds to the Project Creator and hence the contractual relationship is between Supporters/Sponsors and Project Creators. Project Creators receive their funds (after fees) within 15 business days of their project ending. Supporters and Sponsors must contact the Project Creator for any queries related to the project.

Should kriticalmass be made aware of any cases in which a Project Creator reneges on their commitment to their Supporters and Sponsors, the company reserves the right to blacklist the Project Creator from any and all current and future projects on the website.

d Why does kriticalmass not guarantee projects?

kriticalmass provides a platform through which Project Creators can publish their projects to a wider audience in order to attract Supporters and Sponsors. These projects will normally be in their very early stages and hence present a greater risk as to their possible likelihood of success. As such, all accountability resides with the Project Creators and kriticalmass cannot guarantee these projects from a legal standpoint.

6 Project Creation & Management

a What should I write in my project description?

Tell your audience of potential supporters all about your project, why you are doing this, what your goal is, and how you plan to achieve this. If you are raising money, it is a good idea to tell people what you are going to do with it and how you envisage the project proceeding after you have successfully reached your kriticalmass targets.

This is your chance to convince people of the brilliance and validity of what you want to do. Take your time and create the perfect project page. The more info you give people the more they can understand and relate to your project.

Remember that people like stories and they want to understand who you are and what your motivations, ambitions and plans are.

b Do I need a video?

You don’t. But all current research points to videos giving your project a serious boost. Videos are a great way to convey all information about you and your project, are fun to engage with and easy to share, particularly on social networks. Even a quick webcam video of you talking about your project could make all the difference, so please consider including one.

c Can I use copyrighted material as part of my project?

Unless you have the permission of the copyright owner, you must not reproduce the intellectual property of another party, which includes the copying of images from the internet. Any infringement of this will result in the project being suspended and the project creator being blacklisted.

d We are a team. How can we all be linked to the kriticalmass project?

kriticalmass has the ability to link multiple Facebook accounts to any project. Just select the team project option during project creation and add all team members to the project.

e Do I need a Paypal account to start a project?

All payments are currently processed via PayPal, and so you will need a PayPal account if the project has a fundraising element. This can be set up and added during project creation. PayPal is also used by Supporters who wish to fund any project, but an account is not needed, and payments can be made directly using credit and debit cards.

fMy project was declined. What should I do?

At kriticalmass, we are hungry for your projects, and we will never decline a project without giving you a good reason. Often, the reasons given will allow you to make the changes required to get project approval upon editing and resubmission.

However, if you feel your project was unfairly declined, or have any questions about the reasons given, please email us at projects@kriticalmass.com or use the Contact Us page on the website.

g Can I run more than one project at once?

Yes, you can. But depending on the projects, this might reflect unfavourably on your ability to deliver these projects. Your Supporters will decide.

h What are project updates?

Projects updates allow you to post updates on your project to Supporters and Sponsors. You can update Supporters as to any changes and new developments, or simply keep interest alive with extra information. Updates build awareness of your project and convince the community to support you too. The most recent update will be displayed at the top of your project description and all updates are accessible via the project page.

You can post updates whenever you want. It is a good idea to keep information flowing between you and Supporters after project completion too, so they see your progress. Using Facebook comments is also a great way of staying in touch with your crowd.

iCan I add rewards to a live project?

Yes. The Project Creator can add new rewards and add additional stock to current rewards during a project's lifetime. This can be done through the Project Creator's account, via Project Admin.

j Can projects be edited after funding is completed?

No. When complete, Project Creators of successful projects will be able to communicate directly with their Supporters and Sponsors. The Update functionality will also be available to provide any information quickly and easily.

7 Project Goals

a Why do projects have goals and deadlines?

Goals and deadlines spur Supporters and Sponsors into action. Providing a target and a time in which to complete it gives the crowd a meaningful reason to support your project and spread the word. Everybody appreciates the urgency of the “ticking clock” and its power to unify and motivate, and realistic goals give everyone a sense of achievement when your project is a success.

b Who are Supporters?

Sponsors are individuals who contribute any form of support to your project. They can donate funds in exchange for a reward or just out of generosity. They can become Promoters and Volunteers for your project. Or they can simply show their support by providing a Like. It all helps your project become a success.

c What are Likes?

"Likes" refers to Facebook likes. These are the simplest level of interaction your Supporters have with your project. It costs nothing for them to do so but it can go a long way - all their friends will be able to see your project on their Facebook wall. This increases your audience and attracts more people to your project, some of whom might be very interested in supporting you further.

d Who are Volunteers?

Volunteers are individuals who want to help out proactively on your project. Let's say you want to clean up a beach and restore it to its original uncontaminated environment, your main goal for posting the project will be finding likeminded people to actually help out on cleaning day. These are Volunteers.

Explain in the role description what you need Volunteers to do. At the end of the project we will provide you with a list of people who have pledged to volunteer for your project. We realise how crucial some help can be when starting up and what better place to get it than from your friends?

e Who are Promoters?

Promoters are individuals who will help you raise the awareness of your project. Their involvement goes beyond a simple "Like" or tweet. They will use any means necessary to get your project in front of as many new people as possible, from messaging their colleagues and college alumni on LinkedIn to talking about you on their blog or opening their address book to contact their personal network.

To get started, we suggest you email specific friends who you think would be particularly suited to create buzz around your project and ask them to become a Promoter. Make your decision based on how inclined these people will be to help and use their extended networks. If your project has to do with writing a book about a vintage car, you had better connect with your grandfather and his friends, rather than someone who is just learning how to drive!

As your project grows, it will attract Promoters from outside your network and reach more communities. Sponsors will also be powerful project promoters too. Their vast online communities will only add to the momentum their support generates.

f What are Funds?

This one is self-explanatory – these are the funds you will need to complete your project. Remember, you can always exceed your goal, but you won't get the funds if you don’t achieve your funding target and reach kriticalmass (unless you have a Charity project)..

g Who are Sponsors

Sponsors are businesses, organisations and brands who get involved with your project. Sponsors can provide monetary sponsorship in exchange for a suitable reward or just out of generosity. They can offer in-kind sponsorship, providing products, expertise or resources to help make your project happen. Or they can simply give you a mention via their social networks, giving your project huge exposure.

h Why do you have a “Contact Creator” button?

While kriticalmass offers more actions to help projects find success than our competitors, there are always opportunities to do more. We have included a "Contact Creator" button for when such opportunities arise. When a Supporter thinks of a new way to help, has a specific contact for the Project Creator or just wants to point something out in a private setting, the "Contact Creator" button allows them to send a private message, moderated by kriticalmass, to the Project Creator with their idea or offer.

i How can people pay?

All payments are through the platform are made via PayPal. These payments are subject to processing charges set by PayPal (details of which can be found below).

j Can I contribute to my own campaign?

Yes, but we recommend you don't as you will incur payment processing charges, the same as any other Supporter and Sponsor.

8 Project Rewards

a What can be offered as a reward?

Rewards can be anything you want as long as it complies with our Project Guidelines. They are crucial and the biggest motivator for Supporters and Sponsors to fund your project. Rewards also allow projects to raise money from people engaged with them, and are a good source of future customers once your project is a success.

Consider what rewards might be attractive to Supporters and Sponsors and what you can realistically deliver in a reasonable timeframe.

Multiple rewards for different levels of funding and sponsorship allow accessibility for a wider audience. For example, an album project might set a digital download as a reward for $10 funding, a CD could be a reward for a $20 contribution, whilst a $500 sponsorship could mean the Supporter's name will be included on the credits.

Sponsor rewards work in a similar way, but are available only to organisations, businesses and brands. More information can be found in the Sponsors section.

b Is there a way to limit the quantity of a reward?

Yes. You can specify the number of available rewards during project creation, or alternatively select "Unlimited" for any item that does not have a restricted number.

If you find a reward doing particularly well, and want to increase its availability, you can add additional stock via your account page. You can also add new rewards here, as long as they comply to our Project Guidelines.

c What is the estimated delivery date?

The estimated delivery date is the date when, should your project be successful, you plan to provide the rewards to Supporters and Sponsors who have funded your project. Set a realistic target when you create your project; you can always update Supporters on the current status as you progress.

d Can I change the estimated delivery date for my reward?

Once your project is live the estimated delivery date cannot be changed. If there are delays to the estimated delivery date after the project has finished, the responsibility lies with the Project Creator to contact all Supporters to inform them.

e How do I charge shipping on my reward?

We suggest including the cost of shipping in the price of your rewards so your sponsors are aware of the complete cost of the product. However, the world is a large place, and charges may vary depending on what your rewards are, so an additional shipping charges specification can be found on the Create Project page.

Shipping charges are provided in 3 tiers – Local, Regional and Global

As a rule of thumb, we suggest these be treated as:

Local – same country as the project

Regional – same continent as the project

Global – rest of the world

Of course, you can choose what countries and regions your rewards are available in, and a description box by each tier allows you to make this clear to your Supporters. The additional price of shipping will be included in the reward description, and Supporters will have the additional amount added to their payment.

Activating shipping for rewards also allows you to collect the address information needed to deliver the rewards to Supporters. If you have already included shipping in the reward price, or shipping is free of charge, you should enter a zero (0.00) amount during project creation to activate collection of these details

f How do I get the info I need to fulfil my rewards?

At the end of the project kriticalmass will send you a report with details of Supporters and the ways they have supported your project, along with any details of rewards purchased and necessary contact and shipping details . If there are any questions or issues, you will be able to get in touch with Supporters directly.

g What do I do if I miss my Estimated Delivery Date?

You should make your Supporters and Sponsors aware of this well in advance. As soon as your project succeeds, your Supporters and Sponsors become your customers. Communication is paramount.

If at any point, you believe you will not be able to keep to your estimated delivery date, explain why this has happened and what the revised date for delivery will be. Depending on the situation, this may reflect badly on your project and impact the potential of this and other projects in the future - Supporters have the opportunity to leave feedback and recommendations on the website, and they may choose to leave negative comments to warn the kriticalmass community.

9 Sponsors and Your Project

a Why "Sponsors"?

Organisations and businesses are keen to support interesting, innovative and meaningful ideas and talent. They do this through various forms of sponsorship, hence "Sponsors".

kriticalmass wants to give Sponsors direct access to these at ground level, letting brilliant individuals and start-ups benefit directly from the support and sponsorship of corporate successes. Brands and companies add an important element to the kriticalmass community, giving you project levels of exposure that could otherwise not be obtained. All Sponsors ask for in return is a little reflected glory and the chance to spread the word about your success around their online communities via social media, blogs and newsfeeds….

b What is Sponsorship?

kriticalmass is unique in providing Project Creators the chance to have their projects supported and part-funded by brands and companies.

This Sponsorship helps promote and build trust for your project within the crowdfunding community whilst simultaneously improving the chance of project success with a significant sponsorship boost.

Sponsorship on kriticalmass is very similar to Supporter funding, but with specific focus on attracting brands, organisations and companies to support the project. There are 3 options for Sponsorship –Goodwill Sponsorship, Sponsorship In Kind (requiring little to no setup) and Sponsor Rewards (requiring setup by the Project Creator).

For all 3 types of Sponsorship, a Sponsor will have their logo displayed on your project page and will be able to promote their support of your project via any means, drawing focus to both the Sponsor and your project simultaneously.

Think about Sponsors that might be interested in what you are doing. Think about organisations whose values are aligned with what you are trying to achieve. This could also include current or former employers, a school or university you attended or a society, group or NGOs that you are involved with. kriticalmass is the ideal platform for you to reach out to a range of brands and organisations to secure the sponsorship and support that can make the difference.

cWhat is Goodwill Sponsorship?

Goodwill Sponsorship is a direct monetary contribution to the project by a Sponsor. Like normal goodwill sponsorship, there are no strings attached – the project will receive this funding if it reaches its target. The only difference is that the brand/company logo of the Sponsor will be displayed in a special area of your project page to highlight the Sponsor's support, and your project will be added to the Sponsor's supported projects list on their kriticalmass page – making it visible to all their online community who visit the website.

d What is "Sponsorship In Kind"?

As part of our efforts to make the kriticalmass community as inclusive as possible, Sponsorship In Kind allows Sponsors to support projects in a non-financial way. "In Kind" refers to any product, knowledge or expertise a brand or company can offer to a project. Be it 50 crates of soft drinks for an event, 1 hour of free consulting or access to a recording studio, Sponsorship in Kind enables Sponsors to get involved and enhance projects in many different ways.

e What are “Sponsor Rewards”?

As with Supporter rewards, this is the chance to entice Sponsors by offering something in return. Producing a revolutionary product? Why not offer a branded, collectable first edition? Making a film? A related organisation could sponsor the premiere in Leicester Square. Crowdfunding a festival? Attract your partners through kriticalmass.

Sponsor Rewards are your chance to speak directly to corporate sponsors. Do you think your employer might be able to provide a venue for your charity concert or that your uncle's restaurant would want to provide the food for your first sales event? Use the kriticalmass platform to engage Sponsors and demonstrate the benefits of their support.

With an open and editable format, Project Creators can be as creative as they want to be, setting almost anything as a Sponsor Reward. Just make sure it is a promise you can fulfil…

f What do Sponsors get in return?

Beyond the generous and creative Sponsor Rewards you have no doubt offered, Sponsors get to be associated with your brilliance and innovation and get exposure within your network and the kriticalmass community. That's what attracted their Sponsorship in the first place!

For all 3 types of Sponsorship, a Sponsor will have their logo displayed on your project page and will be able to promote their support of your project as they see fit (so, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, magazines, TV, banners dragged behind aeroplanes or laser images projected onto the moon… you name it!).

We also encourage Project Creators to make all Supporters aware of each Sponsor's involvement via an update – think of it as a "thank you" letter – particularly if this involvement brings them direct benefits (e.g. free food at an event).

g What if I do not want Sponsors getting involved with my project?

Sponsors bring huge amounts of expertise and promotion to any project after their initial support, and you would be receiving all of this on your terms. You set the Sponsor Rewards and you retain control of your project. kriticalmass urges you to reconsider, even if you're unsure whether Sponsors would be interested in your project.

However, keeping the control with you, the project creation process allows you to choose whether or not your project is open to Sponsorship.

It is also worth noting that private projects are not open to Sponsors, as you might expect.

10 Project Completion

a What are the fees?

kriticalmass applies a 5% fee on the amounts received for successfully completed projects. If your project is not-for-profit you will not need to reach your goal to receive the amount you have raised.

You will receive the money within 15 working days of project completion regardless of the amount raised. kriticalmass will deduct a 5% fee from the total.

PayPal also applies processing charges in the region of 1.4-3.4%, plus 20 pence/30 cents per transaction. At present, these charges are paid by Supporters and Sponsors when they make their payment and are not refundable.

Charges may also apply to the transfer of funds from kriticalmass to your account, depending upon location. All charge details can be found on PayPal's website. We are working hard to lower these costs for you.

b If I reach kriticalmass how will I get my money?

kriticalmass will transfer all raised funds (minus fees) to your selected PayPal account within 15 working days of project completion.

c Can projects raise more money than their goal?

Yes, of course. There are no upper limitations placed on any of the targets, only a “tipping point” (a target amount at which the project is considered successful and funds will be paid to the project creator) and a project duration. We encourage you to raise as much money as you can, and applaud those who do.

d Can I retry my project if funding is unsuccessful?

You can, but you will not be able to carry over any of the support or funds raised in the first attempt directly. There is, of course, nothing to stop you contacting previous Supporters and Sponsors to make them aware that the project has gone live again.

e Are contributions tax-deductible?

Contributions are not tax-deductible. kriticalmass will be developing its charity and social entrepreneurship offerings, and will investigate tax status matters further for update in the near future.

11 Infrequently Asked Questions

a I have a complaint about the service I have received. What should I do?

We apologise that you have had a negative experience and would like to do whatever we can about the problem. Please get in touch via the website or on info@kriticalmass.com with details of your complaint and we'll contact you as soon as we can

b I have a strange rash on my elbows…

… That's not our department. Try your doctor.

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